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  Electro Gal. Steel Wire
  Hot-dip Gal. Steel Wire
  Annealed Steel Wire
  Black Iron Wire
  Straightened Cut Wire
  U Wire
  Barbed Wire
  PVC Coated Iron Wire
  Welded Iron Wire Mesh
  Hexagonal Wire Netting
  Gal. Square Wire Mesh
  Chain Link Fence
  Gabion Box
  Razor Barbed Wire
  Fence Wire Mesh
  Common Nails
  PVC Coated Iron Wire

PVC wire, there is two types,one is core wire is galvanized wire then pvc,the other one is core wire is black wire then pvc, it has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging
Property,it has longer service life compare with galvanized wire and black wire,Meanwhile, there are different colours to meet customers’s different needs